Oat Banana Snack Sticks (GF, EF, DF, CF, NF)

by Admin on August 21, 2013

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We are on a mission to find new and inexpensive treats for our toddler around here. Allergen free snacks are available at our local stores but very very expensive. Here’s a new snack that I experimented with and is a hit! These are very easy to make and take only a few ingredients.

Oat Banana Snack Sticks

What You Need:

In a large bowl, mix together the flour, baby cereal (or oats), and the mashed banana. For this recipe I used Happy Baby Oatmeal because I had gotten a deal on it with coupons and I really like that it has probiotics in it. Once the container is gone though I will probably use ground gluten free oats because they are cheaper.

Slowly add in the water until the mixture forms a thick, sticky dough. I ended up mixing this with my hands just to make sure there were no dry clumps of cereal or flour

Spoon the mixture into a quart sized storage or freezer bag. Cut a hole in one end and pipe the dough mixture onto a greased baking sheet, making “sticks”.

Once you’ve used the whole bag, bake the sticks in your oven at 425 degrees for about 15 minutes. The sticks will seem a bit soft when you take them out but they will get crispy as they cool.

Oatmeal Banana Snack Sticks - Gluten Free on a Budget

These sticks are great for teething biscuits or just a healthy snack! They are gluten free, dairy free, corn free, egg free, nut free, sugar free and are easy and inexpensive to make. You can always make an extra batch and stick them in a freezer bag in the freezer for later snacks. Make sure your little one has supervisor when they eat these snacks.

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